My Story

Freda & Fleur is a female founded small business, run from my home studio and workshop located in a beautiful village setting in Northamptonshire.

You'll generally find me with our puppy curled up at my feet and a cup of builders tea on the go.

I love to create, when I'm not working on my business, I love to bake and I'm a passionate hobby potter, I've just started my journey using stoneware clay. Sculptures here we come!

I hope to tell stories through my photography over in my journal, a little peek into my creative mind and daily life.

Lino printing became my first real passion, I enjoy carving out my designs and printing them onto fabrics to make unique and bespoke homewares.

Candles came into the mix as I love a good old cosy evening near an open fire and a flickering candle. At first I made them for home, then friends and family, and soon I enjoyed it so much, I looked into running a business with them.

I aim to for my small business to be as sustainable as it possibly can be, starting with eco and recycled packaging and having no waste.

That's our journey so far.
Bye for now