Wellbeing with yarn!

Wellbeing with yarn!

Seventeen years ago, I taught myself to crochet. I'd just had my second child and I could feel the post natal depression creeping in again! A friend gave me a hook and some yarn, I googled, I you tubed! and I created some funky misshapen scarfs but my mind was at ease.

I've grown so much with my yarn since those days.

I feel totally focused and with that the mind begins to unwind, and calm takes over stress and anxiety.

I always have yarn with me! In the car if I'm waiting for the boys, by the side of the sofa, and it's always packed when we're going away.

I've decided to share my love of crochet on a very new you tube channel. Starting with stitches and then onto patterns and crochet a longs! 
All for free. I just hope it helps someone else as much as it helped me and continues to do so.

You'll be able to follow along here

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