Spring is here, and I have neglected this space entirely! Winter will have to wait until next time around, but that's okay as it always shows up!

Spring for me is the time of the year I get excited about the garden!
Sadly our home renovation project has meant our garden now resembles a building site, but at least we can go back to the drawing board.
Currently we have hundreds of daffodils bursting through the ground and flowering the garden, the bee's are very happy with that.

My vision for the garden is quite simple but will take a lot of planning and hopefully not too much financially! Although we are pretty good at finding a bargain and reusing, recycling where we can.

I'm planning a kitchen garden to grow all the salad and vegetables that we eat and of course to try out some new ones. Hanging baskets growing salad for the bunnies and container gardening for seasonal bulbs.
I am also aware that it's more than likely going to be next year that we will have our actual first harvest but I'm totally loving the planning.

I have a couple of books that are my current go to read! You can click on each photo to find them on Amazon if you are interested in them.
(This is not an AD, I am not paid to share these books they are my favourites so thought I would share them with you too)









We inherited a wildlife pond with the house, so over the last few months, we have edged it with slabs to make it more secure and framed it sleepers.
It's full of frog spawn which is amazing and I'm losing count of the amount of newts we have. The pond is just left natural and does it's own thing, so seeing everything come to life in spring just amazes me.

I'm looking to added pots around this area full of wildflowers, anything to help nature along, I'll especially be planting flowers for our Bat night time visitors, I love nothing more than sitting outside as the sun sets and seeing them flying around. 

That's it for now, although I'm sure I'll have so many more Spring updates to share.

Thank you for reading and do message me if you have any wildlife plant ideas I'd love to hear them.


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