Driftwood & Yarn Wall Art

Driftwood & Yarn Wall Art

A fun creative project using up some yarn stash and recyling driftwood or a chunky garden branch.

It takes no time at all to work up the tassels.

  • All you need is a strip of cardboard, this will be the length of the tassel.
  • Keep wrapping your yarn around until it's as chunky as you would like them to be, keep a count though so you make them all the same.
  • Use a long length of yarn to tie the yarn together, do this by slipping the yarn through the middle of the wrapped yarn, tie tightly.
  • Snip the other end of the yarn that's wrapped around the cardboard.
  • Use a small length of yarn just underneath the other tie you have made to tie around all the yarn, pull tight and tie a few knots to secure.

The wall art is made by simply tying the tassels around the driftwood or branch.
You can create different hanging designs, I made a chevron for this and used some sharp scissors to cut the tassels into a chevron shape once tied up.

Simple add some twine and hang with pride.

There are two reels available on my instagram account here showing both of the processes.


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