My most favourite season of all.

Although the weather is really been quite generous as we are still having bursts of sunshine, but there is that Autumn nip in the air so my boots and rain coat are ready!

Autumn to me is all about feeling cosy, having a blanket to hand for in the evenings, a candle lit and a good book to read or movie to watch.
I love that chill in the air feeling and wrapping up warm for an autumnal walk through our local parks, where we warm up pretty quickly and see the season changing around us as the leaves start falling from the trees.

I've collated some cosy autumnal ideas on a pinterest board here.

During my childhood, Halloween was never really a thing! The carving of pumpkins just didn't happen! We were more dedicated as children to the build up of Bonfire Night, by creating our very best Guy Fawkes to sit atop the fire.
Nowadays we have a small firepit in the garden with hot dogs and jacket potatoes, no fireworks though as our rescue animals are too frightened of those.

I must admit over the years I've embraced Halloween, by holding spooky house parties and dressing the outside for all to see!
Our pumpkin carve creations have gotten better over the years too, this year we decided to visit a local pumpkin farm Farndon Fields.

Our home renovation is still underway, but I can see an end! I can see where things are going, how warm and cosy it's all going to be and I cannot wait to just sit back, relax and smile at all the hard work we have done as a family to make this house into our perfect home.

Enjoy this cosy season as Winter will soon be upon us.

Much Love


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